L. Madanlal (Aluminium) Limited

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About Our Company

Welcome, meet the largest independent Aluminum Company which can provide you with the highest level of service, Product and quality. We can help you with any of your Aluminum need with proper utilization & recirculation of aluminum.

A Metals and Ferro Alloys play a crucial role in the development and growth of modern industries. Understanding the emerging requirements of varied industries, we, L. Madanlal (Aluminium) Limited, came into existence in the year 1984 to offer premium quality metals and Ferro alloys.



Quality Control

We at L. Madanlal Aluminium place maximum stress on the quality of our products. It is our matchless ability to manufacture world class products that have made us trusted and reliable business enterprise throughout the national as well as international markets.


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vision & mission

We aspire to become world leader of aluminum and satisfy the need of our customer. Sustainable environment friendly method for maximum utilization of life. Powerful performance for dominating the market. Spirit of new innovation. Conserve & restore properties of aluminum by recycling.